1 physical.
2 real, actual (real).
3 material, bodily.
1 material (sustancia).
material de desecho waste material
2 equipment (instrumentos).
material bélico war material
materiales de construcción building materials
material escolar school materials
material de guerra war material
material de oficina office stationery
3 cloth, material.
* * *
1 (en general) material; (físico) physical
2 (real) real
el autor material del asesinato the murderer
nombre masculino
1 (sustancia) material
2 (conjunto de cosas) material, materials plural, equipment
3 (datos, información) material
material escolar teaching material(s)
material de guerra war material
material de oficina office stationery
materiales de construcción building materials
materiales de desecho waste material sing
* * *
1. noun m.
1) material
2) stuff
2. adj.
* * *
1. ADJ
1) [ayuda, valor etc] material

bienestar material — material well-being

2) (=físico) physical

la presencia material de algn — sb's physical o bodily presence

dolor material — physical pain

daños materiales — physical damage, damage to property

3) (=real)

la imposibilidad material de ... — the physical impossibility of ...

el autor material del hecho — the actual perpetrator of the deed

no tengo tiempo material para ir — I literally don't have time to go

2. SM
1) (=materia) material

hecho de mal material — made of poor-quality material(s)

tengo ya material para una novela — I've got enough material now for a novel

material de construcción — building materials pl

material de desecho — waste material

materiales de derribo — rubble sing

materiales plásticos — plastics

material impreso — printed matter

material reciclado — recycled material

2) (=equipo) equipment

material bélico, material de guerra — war material, military equipment

material de envasado — packaging materials pl

material de limpieza — cleaning materials pl

material de oficina — office supplies pl , stationery

material deportivo — sports equipment

material escolar — school equipment

materiales didácticos — teaching materials

material fotográfico — photographic equipment

material informático — hardware

material móvil, material rodante — rolling stock

3) (Tip) copy
4) * (=cuero) leather

de material — LAm made of bricks, brick-built

* * *
a) <necesidades/ayuda/valor> material

daños materiales — damage to property, material damage

b) <autor/causante> actual
c) (uso enfático)

no tengo tiempo material para cosértelo — I really don't have time to sew it for you

ante la imposibilidad material de ir — since it was quite impossible for her to go

1) (elemento, sustancia) material

materiales para la construcción — building materials

a) (útiles) materials (pl)
b) (datos, documentos, etc) material
* * *
a) <necesidades/ayuda/valor> material

daños materiales — damage to property, material damage

b) <autor/causante> actual
c) (uso enfático)

no tengo tiempo material para cosértelo — I really don't have time to sew it for you

ante la imposibilidad material de ir — since it was quite impossible for her to go

1) (elemento, sustancia) material

materiales para la construcción — building materials

a) (útiles) materials (pl)
b) (datos, documentos, etc) material
* * *
1 = equipment, material, matter, stuff, fare, infrastructure, fodder, material.

Ex: A post-coordinate index depends upon specialised equipment and storage devices.

Ex: It is my understanding that the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd edition, (AACR2) will prescribe the same entry rules for all materials.
Ex: A plate is a leaf containing illustrative matter, with or without explanatory text, that does not form part of either the preliminary or the main sequences of pages or leaves.
Ex: Rehyping old stuff as if it were new is not only annoyingly deceptive but doesn't sell any books to suspicious customers.
Ex: Children seek education deliberately when they use the library to do their homework while many of the other borrowers are looking for recreational fare.
Ex: Priority sectors are in energy, industry and infrastructure.
Ex: The diverse range of perspectives represented provides fodder for lively debates.
Ex: The material in the exhibition is organized into four thematic sections: objects used in daily life, funerary rites, religious items, and works of art.
* archivero especializado en material audiovisual = audiovisual archivist.
* basado en material impreso = print-based.
* bibliotecario especializado en material audiovisual = audiovisual librarian.
* biblioteconomía especializada en el material audiovisual = audiovisual librarianship.
* buscar material = pursue + material.
* catalogación de material no librario = non-book cataloguing.
* censurar material = challenge + materials.
* censuras a los materiales = challenges to materials.
* centrado en el material impreso = print-centred [print-centered, -USA].
* centro de material didáctico escolar = school resource centre.
* ciencias de los materiales = materials sciences.
* ciencia y tecnología de los materiales = materials science and technology.
* colocación del material de vuelta en los estantes = shelving.
* Conferencia Panafricana sobre Preservacion y Conservación de Material Bibli = Pan-African Conference on the Preservation and Conservation of Library and Archival Materials.
* desarrollo de material educativo = instructional development.
* editor de material electrónico = electronic publisher [e-publisher].
* editor de material multimedia = multimedia publisher.
* envío de material = freight forwarding.
* fondos de material audiovisual = AV holdings.
* frecuencia de préstamo del material = turnover rate.
* imprenta de material efímero = jobbing house, jobbing office, jobbing printer.
* inmovilizado material = tangible assets.
* ISBD(A) (Descripción Bibliográfica Normalizada Internacional - material anti = ISBD(A) (International Standard Bibliographic Description - Antiquarian).
* material anejo = accompanying material.
* material audiovisual = a-v material, audiovisual item, audiovisual material, AV material, audiovisual aids, audiovisual media.
* material bibliotecario = library stock, library materials.
* material cartográfico = cartographic material.
* material complementario = accompanying material.
* material con copyright = copyright material, copyrighted material.
* material crítico = critical matter.
* material de archivo = archival material, archive material.
* material de arte = art material.
* material de ayuda = help pack.
* material de construcción = building material.
* material de empaste = filling material.
* material de encuadernación = covering material.
* material de enseñanza programada = programmed material.
* material de estudio = study material, course material, curriculum material, curriculum resource, study package.
* material de fondo = backing.
* material del centro de recursos = resource centre material.
* material del curso = course material, curriculum material, curriculum resource.
* material de lectura = reading material, reading matter.
* material de lectura para adultos = adult reading matter.
* material del rodillo = roller stock.
* material de ocio = entertainment material.
* material de oficina = office equipment, office supplies.
* material de papelería = printing supplies.
* material de referencia = reference material.
* material de relleno = filler.
* material de reserva = reserve stock.
* material de tamaño mayor de lo normal = outsize material.
* material didáctico = teaching material, learning materials, course material, curriculum material, study package, instructional material.
* material didáctico de apoyo = study aide.
* material didáctico entregado en clase = class handout.
* material digital = digital media.
* material docente = study material.
* material documental de interés para los vecinos del barrio = community literature.
* material donado de segunda mano = hand-me-down material.
* material editado por el propio autor = self-published material.
* material educativo = study material, teaching material, learning materials, study package, instructional material.
* material efímero = ephemera, ephemeral, fugitive material, ephemeral material.
* material electrónico = electronic material [e-material], online material.
* materiales menores = minor materials.
* material fotográfico = photographic material.
* material genético = genetic material.
* material gráfico = graphic material.
* material histórico = historical material.
* material impreso = print, print media, print material, offline material, printed material.
* material inflamable = flammable material.
* material informativo = information material.
* material multimedia = media material, media title.
* material no bibliográfico = non-book material.
* material no devuelto = non-return.
* material no impreso = non-print [nonprint], non-print media.
* material no librario = non-book material.
* material oculto = buried material.
* material para adultos = adult materials.
* material polémico = challenged materials.
* material procedente del dragado = dredged material.
* material protegido por el derecho de autor = copyright material, copyrighted material.
* material publicitario = publicity material, advertising material.
* material que no es revista científica = non-journal material.
* material radioactivo = radioactive material.
* material reflectante = reflective material.
* material renovable = renewable material.
* material reprográfico = reprographic equipment.
* material táctil = tactile material.
* material técnico = technical equipment.
* material tecnológico = technological equipment.
* material termoplástico = thermoplastic.
* material tipográfico = typographical equipment.
* material y equipos de oficina = office supply and equipment.
* orientado hacia el material impreso = print-centred [print-centered, -USA].
* paquete de material didáctico = training package.
* petición de material = material-finding enquiry.
* plan de adquisición de material a vista = approval plan.
* preservar material = preserve + material.
* presupuesto para adquisición de material = capital budget.
* presupuesto para la compra de material = materials budget.
* proveedor de material de oficina = office supplier.
* proveedor de materiales = materials vendor.
* recoger material = gather + material.
* reunir material = gather + material.
* sala de material audiovisual = audiovisual room.
* selección de material = materials selection.
* suministrar material de equipo = supply + equipment.
* suministro de material multimedia = media supply.
* trabajo de impresión de material efímero = ephemeral jobbing.
* trabajos de impresión de material efímero = jobbing work.
* transporte de material = freight forwarding.
* venta de material impreso = print sale.

2 = artifactual, material.

Ex: Unless the filmed material is deemed of high artistic or artifactual value, it is subsequently pulped.

Ex: His paintings suggest the possibility that material things can be transformed to accommodate a transcendent and spiritual vision.
* beneficio material = material benefit.
* causar daño material = cause + material injury.
* daño material = material damage.
* daño no material = immaterial damage.
* mundo material = material world.
* objeto material = material object.

* * *
1 ‹necesidades/ayuda› material; ‹valor› material
los daños materiales eran graves the damage to property o the material damage was serious
está muy apegado a los bienes materiales he is very materialistic, he cares a lot about material possessions
(uso enfático): no tengo tiempo material para cosértelo I really don't have time to sew it for you
ante la imposibilidad material de asistir al acto since it was quite impossible for her to attend the ceremony
3 ‹autor/causante› actual
1 (elemento, sustancia) material
es un material muy flexible it is a very flexible material
materiales para la construcción building materials
(RPl) (Const): de material brick (before n)
material plástico
(ant); plastic
1 (útiles) materials (pl)
2 (datos, documentos, etc) material
está reuniendo material para el artículo she is collecting material for the article
material bélico
(period); military equipment
material de demoliciones or derribo
reclaimed o secondhand building materials (pl)
material de laboratorio
(probetas, retortas, etc) laboratory apparatus; (sustancias químicas) laboratory materials (pl)
material de oficina
office stationery
material didáctico
teaching materials (pl)
material escolar
school materials (pl), school things (pl) (colloq)
material fotográfico
(papel, películas) photographic materials (pl); (lentes, filtros) photographic equipment
material móvil or rodante
rolling stock
* * *


material adjetivo

daños materiales damage to property, material damage


■ sustantivo masculino
1 (en general) material;
materiales para la construcción building materials

2 (útiles) materials (pl);
material de oficina office stationery;

material didáctico/escolar teaching/school materials (pl)
I adj (no espiritual) material, physical
bienes materiales, material goods
II sustantivo masculino material
material informático, computer materials pl
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* * *
1. [físico] physical;
[consecuencias] material;
los daños materiales fueron cuantiosos the physical damage o damage to property was considerable;
el objeto robado no tenía ningún valor material the stolen object had no material o financial value
2. [real] real, actual;
el autor material del asesinato the person actually responsible for carrying out the murder;
no hay tiempo material para discutir el problema there's simply no time to discuss the problem
1. [sustancia] material
material de desecho waste material;
material genético genetic material;
material refractario heat-resistant o fireproof material
2. [datos, información] material;
no hay suficiente material como para escribir una novela there isn't enough material to write a novel
3. [instrumentos] equipment
material audiovisual audiovisual equipment and material;
material bélico military equipment;
materiales de construcción building materials;
material deportivo sports equipment;
material didáctico teaching materials;
material escolar school materials;
material fotográfico photographic equipment;
material fungible [desechable] disposable materials;
Informát [cartuchos, disquetes] consumables;
material de guerra war material;
material de laboratorio laboratory materials;
material de oficina office supplies
4. Esp Fam [droga] gear, merchandise
5. RP
de material [de obra] built of brick, brick-built;
una casa de material a house built of brick, a brick-built house
* * *
m/adj material
* * *
material adj
1) : material, physical, real
daños materiales : property damage
material nm
1) : material
material de construcción: building material
2) equipo: equipment, gear
* * *
material n
1. (sustancia) material
el cemento es un material de construcción cement is a building material
2. (equipo) equipment

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.


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